RealityKit – Material's Alpha transparency

Is it possible to have alpha transparency with textures?

I have png file that contains 8 bit RGBA, but for some reason, the supposed-to-be-transparent parts are simply black.

I assign the material like this:

private func setupLightMeshes(_ scene: Entity) {     let lightEntity = scene.findEntity(named: "LightWindow_Plane")!     var lightMaterial = UnlitMaterial()          lightMaterial.baseColor = try! MaterialColorParameter.texture(     TextureResource.load(named: "light.png")) // this is 8bpc RGBA     var modelComponent = lightEntity.components[ModelComponent] as! ModelComponent     modelComponent = ModelComponent(mesh: modelComponent.mesh, materials: [lightMaterial])     lightEntity.components.set(modelComponent) } 
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