My If let statement is failing and I'm not sure why

Here is my code:

override func prepare(for segue: UIStoryboardSegue, sender: Any?) {          // Make sure we are acting on the correct segue     if segue.identifier == "CreateJumpSpot", let jumpSpotCreatorControllerVC = segue.destination as? JumpSpotCreatorController {         // Set the delegate in the JumpSpotCreatorController we're navigating to         jumpSpotCreatorControllerVC.delegate = self              } else if segue.identifier == "JumpSpotInfo", let jumpSpotInfoVC = segue.destination as? JumpSpotInfoController {         print("eriubvwribvuorlaeD")         if let senderAnnotationView = sender as? JumpSpotAnnotationView {             let senderAnnotation = senderAnnotationView.annotation as? JumpSpotAnnotation             jumpSpotInfoVC.titleLabel.text = senderAnnotation?.title             jumpSpotInfoVC.imageView.image = senderAnnotation?.image             jumpSpotInfoVC.descriptionLabel.text = senderAnnotation?.description             jumpSpotInfoVC.heightLabel.text = senderAnnotation?.estimatedHeight             jumpSpotInfoVC.warningsLabel.text = senderAnnotation?.warnings             print("YOYOYOYO")         }     } } 

For the second segue, with identifier "JumpSpotInfo", I know the code is getting up to the if let statement because the print("eriubvwribvuorlaeD") shows up in the debugger, but I have no idea why the code inside the if let won’t execute. Any ideas?

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