Kingfisher sometimes doesn't load the url

self?.imageView.kf.setImage(with: url) 

This is how I load the image from the url to UIImageView.

The application has two different screens and two different UIImageViews where I show the image in the same url. These screens run at different times

It works no problem. But sometimes an image is loaded on one and not the other. Even if I go in and out of the application many times, it is still not installed in someone, but installed in one.

When I debug error as below, it just returns 2002 code.

self?.imageView.kf.setImage(with: url) { result in                 switch result {                 case .success(let value):                     print(value.source)                 case .failure(let error):                     print(error) // error code 2002                  }             } 

What could be the problem?

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