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I’m currently using node library for google apis to pull data from google analytics reports, we are using v3 implementation and it’s working good so far, however there’s something I wondering how to implement, when adding a filter I understand I can add AND and OR to my filters via either ; or ,. How do you do when you have different grouped filters like in the picture below?

enter image description here

I’m thinking this is not supported on v3 and I might need to start using v4 instead however I might be wrong. This is what I’m trying for the filter:

const { google } = require('googleapis'); const OAuth2Client = google.auth.OAuth2; const analytics ='v3');  const auth = new OAuth2Client(   clientId,   clientSecret,   tokenUri );  auth.setCredentials({   access_token,   refresh_token });  async function loader() {   const res = await     {       ids: '',       maxResults: 10000,       metrics: '',       dimensions: '',       filters: 'ga:landingPagePath!=/weeklyad/?headerless=true;ga:channelGrouping!=Direct;ga:landingPagePath!=/;ga:browser!=Chrome;ga:deviceCategory!=desktop;ga:operatingSystem!=Linux',       'start-date': '2017-12-31',       'end-date': '2020-08-26',       auth     }   );     console.log(res); }  loader().then(() => console.log('done')); 
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