Continuously Editing a Message

I was coding a bot and i wanted to make a live countdown from a certain time. I got the certain time right, but I had one problem. I couldnt edit the message so that it displays the remaining time. Here is my code currently: = async (client, message, args) => { let time = client.db.get(`time`)  const exampleEmbed = new Discord.MessageEmbed()     .setColor('#ff74fc')     .setTitle('V2 Release Time')     .setDescription('This command will be showing the countdown until the V2 cafe releases! ')     .setThumbnail('')     .addFields(         { name: 'Time', value: `${time} Seconds Left!` },     )     .setTimestamp()     .setFooter('Flamgo Bot');   return    const Edit = new Discord.MessageEmbed()     .addFields(         { name: 'Time', value: `${time} Seconds Left!` },     )   message.edit(Edit)   } = {  name: "v2time" }; 

If anyone could help it would be helpful. Thanks.

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