Apollo-server-express returning "cannot Get /" instead of the Graphql playground

so I have this code for both my server.js and schema.js from following the apollo doc tutorial https://www.apollographql.com/docs/tutorial/introduction/


import apollo from "apollo-server-express"; const { ApolloServer } = apollo; import express from "express"; import typeDefs from "./schema.js";  const app = express(); const server = new ApolloServer({   typeDefs,   playground: true, });  server.applyMiddleware({ app });  const PORT = process.env.PORT || 4000; app.listen(PORT, () => {   console.log(`operating on port ${PORT}`); }) 


import pkg from "apollo-server-express" const { gql } = pkg  // defining schema  const typeDefs = gql`   type Launch {     id: ID!     site: String     mission: Mission     rocket: Rocket     isBooked: Boolean!   }   type Rocket {     id: ID!     name: String     type: String   }    type User {     id: ID!     email: String!     trips: [Launch]!   }    type Mission {     name: String     missionPatch(size: PatchSize): String   }    enum PatchSize {     SMALL     LARGE   }   type Query {     launches: [Launch]!     launch(id: ID!): Launch     me: User   }   type Mutation {     bookTrips(launchIds: [ID]!): TripUpdateResponse!     cancelTrip(launchId: ID!): TripUpdateResponse!     login(email: String): String # login token   }   type TripUpdateResponse {     success: Boolean!     message: String     launches: [Launch]   } ` export default typeDefs 

only tweak I did was to choose the ES modules method of import/exporting modules over the commonJS way as used in the documentation, which I think shouldn’t be a problem, it compiles without errors but instead of getting the graphql playground to see my schema, I get a cannot Get /

I haven’t done the resolvers, but at this point, I believe I should see the playground in action already. as per the docs

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When using applyMiddleware, if you don’t explicitly specify a path, it will be /graphql by default.

This means you’ll access your endpoint and the GraphQL Playground interface at localhost:${PORT}/graphql, not localhost:${PORT} (which is what you’re doing according to the error message).

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