AgoraKit fail to stream local view, but gives no obvious error

Agora successfully connects on all phones I test, but do not connect for Apple reviewers for iOS 13.6.1. I am using Agora for .liveBroadcasting, using the following boiler plate code:

/*      @use: agora engine setup      @Doc:  :, AgoraRtcEngineDelegatePI%20Reference/java/classio_1_1agora_1_1rtc_1_1_rtc_engine.html#af5f4de754e2c1f493096641c5c5c1d8f     */     func initializeAgoraEngine() {                agoraKit = AgoraRtcEngineKit.sharedEngine(withAppId: AppID, delegate: self)         agoraKit.delegate = self         agoraKit.enableWebSdkInteroperability(true)         agoraKit.enableVideo()                  // config for livecast to start         agoraKit.setChannelProfile(.liveBroadcasting)                  // set framrate and HD/SD         agoraKit.setVideoEncoderConfiguration( CONFIG_PRODUCTION )     }          /*      @Use: join channel         - join channel at chat's uuid         - change chat state to connected     */     func joinAgoraChannel( at id : GroupID?, _ complete: @escaping (UInt?) -> Void ){                  guard let channel_id = id else { return ToastNoPlaylist() }         agoraKit.setDefaultAudioRouteToSpeakerphone(true)         UIApplication.shared.isIdleTimerDisabled = true          // join channel         agoraKit.joinChannel(             byToken: nil           , channelId: channel_id           , info: nil           , uid: 0         ) {(sid, uid, elapsed) in             complete(uid)             //Toast(text:"Connected!").show()         }     }      

Note I am joining a channel with AppID, not the more secure AppID and Token. All functions work fine on local machine in wifi and LTE. During app review, the reviewers state: cannot stream. So where there would be a streaming local canvas, the reviewers see a blank screen. This is the code for streaming local canvas:

        let videoCanvas  = AgoraRtcVideoCanvas()         videoCanvas.view = canvas         videoCanvas.uid  = 0         agoraKit?.setupLocalVideo(videoCanvas) 

This bug has persisted for over a week and I cannot pin point the bug since I do not have access to their phone.

  1. Has anyone encountered this issue?
  2. Is it because I am using an AppID, and not AppID and token?
  3. Is there a way to catch or inspect error for when agoraKit is initialized, or when agoraKit.joinChannel, so I can understand what is going on?
Asked on August 31, 2020 in iOS,   Swift.
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